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he notified when the best time to return to and enroll when they so desired. among the other improvements made to the site is the improved and more sophisticated windowshopping tool which americans who are only at the stage now as looking at of the -- at the options available to them without enrolling, and without having to get in a queue. >> on a conference call yesterday, there he seemed to managementwith the style that has been in place, and was he talking about secretary sibelius? who was he talking about when he's into question the way that process was being managed? jeff has beent taxed with doing, and is working on everyday is improving the healthcare.govhe operations, focusing specifically on the teams that are making the fixes necessary to the website. that work has been ongoing, and has delivered significant improvements. jeff was also referring to was something that we have all been quite candid about. the website did not function. it was not nearly up to the standards necessary, october 1, and it should have. does on us, that is why we have dedicated the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1